American Sign & Barricade Co.
At American Sign & Barricade Company, safety is priority one for everyone. We require and demand the highest standards from each and every employee that works for us. Every effort is made to provide exceptional training to our employees because the prevention of accidents is an objective affecting all levels of our organization and our activities. Our intention is to provide safe and healthy working conditions and to establish and insist upon safety practices at all times by all employees.


The following items are some highlights of our procedures/systems that have been put in place to help ensure job site safety:

  • Tailgate safety meetings
  • 3-point lift inspections
  • Quarterly company-wide safety meetings
  • Strict anti-drug and alcohol programs that exceed DOT standards
  • Daily safety topics
  • OSHA inspection forms
  • Pre-trip inspection of all equipment
  • Extensive IIPP and health and safety programs/manuals

Safety starts during the pre-job planning phase. It is here that job site difficulties and safety concerns should be made aware to the client and dealt with. To help in the pre-job planning phase, ASB uses a number of different tools from 3D job planning in Auto CAD. We can reconstruct the job site in a virtual 3D computer environment, drawn to scale, which will allow us to perform a review of the project in a virtual reality environment and address any questions or concerns that arise upon review.

American Sign & Barricade Company is committed to safety on the job site, which in turn benefits everyone and helps ensure the success of the project.