American Sign & Barricade Co.


Sign Fabrication

American Sign & Barricade Company is a leading manufacturer of traffic signs and highway safety products. We supply individuals, businesses, contractors, and government agencies. Servicing city, county and state contracts throughout the country, we provide federal- and state-compliant traffic signs, street name signs, and custom signs.

At American Sign & Barricade Company, our experienced production staff will work with you from concept to completion to guarantee your complete satisfaction. Our products are designed with the highest standards and superior craftsmanship. From the preliminary design to installation, our efficient support staff will help you achieve your signage goals. We pride ourselves in on-time deliveries, quality products, and attention to detail. For personalized service and expert consultation, please contact us with your signage needs.

Traffic Control

American Sign & Barricade Company combines experience, professionalism and reliability to offer the highest quality traffic control services. From the initial traffic control plan, to employing the necessary personnel, equipment and devices, we are prepared to take on even the most challenging projects.

Our commitment to safety is achieved by providing our clients with team members who are professionally trained and certified, through a rigorous training program which exceeds the National and State guidelines.

Lane Closures

Expertise with certified labor capable of handling small, low-volume arterial roads as well as major interstates with limited access.

  • Turn lanes
  • Single-lane closures
  • Double-lane closures
  • Triple-lane closures
  • Moving setups (MHT crew onsite providing multiple setups, one after the other)
  • Full expressway closures with detours

Special Events

Providing accurate and cost-effective traffic control planning, allowing for safe and successful events.

  • Art festivals
  • NASCAR races
  • Athletic events, such as marathons, bicycle races, football games, etc.
  • Parades
  • Holiday Events
  • Concerts
  • Closing of roads for filming commercials, television shows, and movies

Traffic Control Design

Expertise with certified labor capable of handling small, low-volume arterial roads as well as major interstates with limited access.

  • Creating/planning/drawing temporary traffic control plans for the "maintenance of traffic" (MHT's)
  • Using state-of-the-art computer-generated drawings
  • Expert and certified labor implementing approved MHT detour plans

Flagging Operations

Expert and certified labor to handle the most intricate of flagging operations.

  • Haul roads
  • Construction sites
  • Intersections
  • Advanced flagging operations


Expert and certified labor implementing approved MHT detour plans.

Sign Installation

Installing traffic and work zone signs using the latest and modern equipment according to all municipalities requirements.

Road Closures

Expert and certified labor implementing road closure plans.

Video Patrol Services for Daily Documentation!

Our Video Patrol program provides a complete and accurate video record of the traffic control in place at any given time during the course of the construction project. This system provides a daily video log of:

  • Road conditions (weather)
  • Construction progress/status of placement of traffic control devices
  • Inventory of traffic control devices in storage yards
  • Pavement markings
  • Permanent signs

The video log is used for contractor/safety meetings, evidence of meeting OSHA, DOT, city requirements, pre/post auto accident documentation and daily documentation of project progress. We use three separate, redundant, simultaneous recording systems: one in standar definition and two in high definition which display:

  • Project name, number and location
  • Prime contractor
  • Date, time and GPS location
  • Linear distance and roadway lane width measurement
  • Audio narration
These videos are stored on a cloud-based server and can be accessed from any high-speed internet connection via computer, tablet or smart phone.

Equipment Sales and Leasing

At American Sign & Barricade Company, we maintain a large inventory of traffic control products for all your traffic supply needs. Whether you need water barriers, cones, barricades, standing signs, or a mobile message sign, we guarantee you will find exactly what you are looking for at ASB! Contact us today and we'll help you scope out the precise product mix you'll need to safeguard employees, drivers, customers and pedestrians during your project.

  • Traffic control
  • Speed bumps
  • Cones
  • Barricades
  • Water barriers and walls
  • Crash barriers
  • Arrow boards
  • Variable message boards
  • Drums
  • Truck-mounted attenuators
  • Crash attenuator systems
  • Track system
  • Delineators
  • Work zone signs
  • Portable regulatory signs
  • Light towers
  • Radar display units
  • Airport barricades
  • Safety flags
  • Stop & slow paddles
  • Channelizers
  • Pavement marking tape
  • First-aid kits
  • Krail reflectors & markers
  • Temporary raised pavement markers
  • Temporary overlay markers
  • Signs & stands
  • Mesh signs
  • Reflective vinyl roll-up stands
  • Non-reflective vinyl roll-up stands
  • Spring base stands
  • Non-spring base stands
  • Aluminum construction area signs
  • Mobile message signs & signals
  • Light towers
  • Traffic signals
  • Radar trailers
  • Portable changeable message signs
  • Arrow boards & message board
  • Lighted devices